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Boca Chica Pendants


 OCEAN ART A beautifully formed sea whip and a button shell with a lovely silver swirl adorn this small oyster shell.
SHELTERED Tiny worms sought shelter by burrowing into this shell leaving clear markings on the edges of this marl-colored wonder.


FROZEN WAVES A Swarovski crystal pearl lies cradled in this shiny shell with its perfectly formed markings and ruggedly lovely back.


BEJEWELED Depth, layers, limpets, and a single crystal on a mottled grey, tan, red and black background make this shell ballroom ready.
COPPER WAVES A tiny button (umbonium) shell is all I needed to complete the look of this coppery beauty.




With the eye of an artist, Peg Wetli searches the ocean shore for rare dark oyster shells that have unique patterns and colors. When she finds a shell that can become an elegant necklace, Peg listens—waiting patiently for the shell to tell her how to enhance its beauty. Sometimes it wants paint or cultured pearls, assorted small shells, sea whips, or Swarovski crystals. But always, the shell tells her what to do.

Yes. Peg says her shells speak to her. She says they will speak to you, too-- pulling you to choose the one the ocean made just for you.

close-up-hand-with-sea-star (1).jpg

Almost all of Peg's pendants are beautiful on both the front and backsides. This means you get two pendants for the price of one. Pendants are priced from $25-$90.

Chains can be ordered separately. Once you've purchased a pendant, Peg will recommend a sterling silver chain that supports the weight and look of the piece you've chosen. Sterling silver chains are $17 and up depending on how heavy and long the chain is. Stainless steal chains are also available.

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