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Peg Wetli

I started my professional life as an actor and a creative dramatics teacher. Later, I founded CLIMB, a Minnesota non-profit children's theater. I served as CLIMB's artistic director and principal playwright for many years. About three million children have seen the plays I've written—six of which are award winners. 

Since leaving CLIMB, I've taught English as a second language to children ages 3-10 and completed five children's picture books and 12 scripts for my audiobook series called "Faraway Woods." 

In 2021, my husband and I sold our home, bought a Ford 350 truck and a fifth-wheel trailer, and began our new life as snowbirds spending six months in Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin and six months in Brownsville, Texas. 

I spend most of my time in Brownsville at Boca Chica Beach, walking the shoreline, looking for the shells that tickle my artistic eye and hold the promise of becoming a handmade treasure just for you. 

Peg Wetli

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